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Earning NODL through the Nodle SDK

The Nodle SDK turns smartphones into IoT hotspots or “edge nodes” in the Nodle network. The Nodle SDK, embedded in your app, connects to surrounding BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)-enabled smart devices such as parcels, city furnitures, sensors, utility infrastructures. When enabling communication with the smart devices, edge nodes are rewarded by the device owner through the native cryptocurrency NODL.

Privacy-first, no ads, no data monetization

When a publisher deploys the Nodle SDK into their apps, they collect rewards and generate revenue without ads and without collecting or monetizing personal data from their users. For publishers, the Nodle SDK is a way to earn revenue without compromising with the experience or the privacy of their user base.

The Nodle SDK is optimized to minimize impacts on the CPU, bandwidth, storage or battery consumption of the device. Download the cash app and measure its impact on the smartphone to experience it.

In the next steps of this documentation, you will be guided into integrating the Nodle SDK for Android and for iOS.