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Nodle Hotspots


Only operate one app per device.

If you operate the Hotspot app and the Nodle app at once, there will be conflicts which lead to missing out on rewards.

Can I earn more with the Hotspot app?

The Nodle Network rewards Hotspot operators based on the availability of their nodes (Hotspots) and the geographic coverage they provide. This means:

  1. You'll earn more rewards if you set up a stable and dependable Nodle Network coverage in your area. This can be achieved by positioning multiple phones running the Hotspot app in the same location.
  2. Increasing the area your Nodle Network covers can also earn you more. You can do this by placing multiple phones running the Hotspot app in various locations.
  3. Keeping the Hotspot app available round the clock (24/7) with a stable internet connection and Bluetooth turned on will also increase your earnings.

The Nodle Hotspot app is designed to enable these opportunities:

  1. You can maintain up to 4 phones in a single location to provide stable and reliable Nodle Network coverage, which will earn you higher rewards.
  2. You can securely place the Hotspot device far from your other devices to increase the reach of the Nodle Network. Your NODL tokens (rewards) are safe because they can only be collected from the main Nodle app, as the UI of the Hotspot app has no built-in transfer option.
  3. The Hotspot app is designed to be used on devices that are connected to the internet and powered on 24/7. This means that these devices will likely be more consistently available than your primary phone, and hence, earn you more rewards.

All these factors contribute to earning higher rewards on the Nodle Network and they can be achieved with ease using the Hotspot app.

Should I use the Hotspot app on my main phone?

No, the Hotspot app is meant to be used on old or secondary smartphones that you no longer use and that can be recycled for that purpose, not on your main smartphone.

Will dedicated hardware be developed?

Nodle will neither develop nor sell hardware directly. However, some device manufacturers want to create dedicated hardware for the Nodle Network, and wish to integrate the Nodle software into their devices. The Nodle Network is an open network and anybody is welcome to create new ways to deploy edge nodes. The Hotspot app makes this effort much simpler than before. The Nodle development team will support any device manufacturers who wants to develop dedicated hardware.

Why is the Hotspot app available only on Android?

The Hotspot app is currently available only on Android for two main reasons:

  • There is a much larger share of cheap old Android phones on Android than iOS-based devices.
  • Hardware manufacturers will use a custom version of Android to run the Hotspot app on their custom hardware.

Can I manage multiple hotspots?

Yes, you can manage multiple hotspots from the Nodle app. Initially, the management of hotspots will be done from the Nodle app. Depending on the demand from the community, a Web version of the management of the Hotspots might be added to the Nodle web client.