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Wallet Management


Back up your wallet

The most important thing to do with your Nodle app is to back up your 12 words. Your 12 words are used to generate your private key and act as a password to access your account. On your Nodle app, go to Settings > Wallet Settings > Recovery phrase.

How can I import my wallet from the Nodle app to the web?

You can use the Nodle Client for managing your wallet on the web. We recommend you to connect with the Polkadot.js extension unless you already use any other wallets, like Talisman or Subwallet. Before connecting to the Nodle Client, please install the Polkadot.js extension in your Chrome browser and add a new account by importing it using your 12-word recovery phrase. Once this is done, open the Nodle Client and click the "Connect to Polkadot.js" button to proceed.

Alternatively, advanced users could make use of Polkadot JS/NodleProtocol via these instructions.

How can I use my wallet with other apps?

You have to use a wallet compatible with Polkadot as Nodle is a Polkadot parachain, and the wallet has to be NODL compatible. Here are the wallets you can use: Polkadot.js, Talisman, Nova, SubWallet.

What is a public key and where can I find mine?

Consider your public key as your "postal address" in the world of cryptocurrency, similar to how your email address serves to receive emails. Feel free to share your public key with others. They'll use it to send you NODL tokens, just as they would use your email address to send you an email.

Curious where you can find your public key? It's simple! Open your Nodle application, from the map view tap the wallet icon at the bottom right of the screen. From here, tap the "Receive" button found under your account balance.

What does 'legacy Nodle wallet' mean?

The Nodle app offers two types of wallet systems: legacy and non-legacy. Think of a 'legacy' wallet as an older version, which may be more complicated to move or "import" to other wallets that support NODL tokens. In some cases, it might not even be compatible with these other wallets. However, it's still a functioning wallet, and you can use it as you always have.

If you're new to the Nodle network, you're likely using a non-legacy wallet, which is simpler to use with other wallets. To check your wallet type, go to the screen with your public key (your 'wallet address') by tapping the "Receive" button in the app. If the app indicates you're using a legacy wallet, it might be a good idea to switch to a new one for easier use. If it doesn't say anything, rest assured you're using a non-legacy wallet.

How to upgrade from a legacy wallet to a new one?

If you are using a 'legacy' wallet in the Nodle app (an older version of the wallet system), it might be a good idea to upgrade to a newer wallet. If you're not sure whether your wallet is a legacy one, you can check using the steps provided in the previous section.

If your legacy wallet currently has no NODL tokens in it, the app can automatically upgrade you to a new wallet when you 'import' it. After the upgrade, you will have a new wallet address (also known as a public key). You'll need to share this new address with anyone who wants to send you tokens. Even though your wallet address will change, your 12-word recovery phrase (the secret password for your wallet) won't. Also, please note that your history of rewards and transfers will start anew.

If your legacy wallet has some NODL tokens in it, you'll have to switch to a new wallet manually. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Make sure your existing wallet is backed up! If it isn't, go to Settings > Wallet Settings > Recovery Phrase in the app to backup your wallet.
  2. Disconnect your existing wallet by going to Settings > Wallet settings > Disconnect Wallet.
  3. Create a new wallet like you did the first time.
  4. Backup the new wallet to make sure your tokens are safe.
  5. Find your new wallet address by tapping on the "Receive" button. Save this address for later.
  6. Go back to your old wallet by disconnecting the new one and importing the old one using the 12-word recovery phrase.
  7. Transfer your tokens to the new wallet using the new address you saved earlier. You can do this by tapping on the "Send" button in the app.
  8. Finally, switch back to your new wallet by disconnecting the old one and importing the new one using its 12-word recovery phrase.
  9. That's it! You can continue using the Nodle app with your new wallet.

What if I received tokens in my old wallet after upgrading to a new one?

If you've upgraded to a new wallet but still receive tokens in your old 'legacy' wallet, don't worry! your tokens are safe and can be moved to your new wallet. To do this, you'll need to bring your old wallet into (also known as 're-importing').

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Visit the page on how to re-import your wallet and follow the instructions there. When asked, use your current 12-word recovery phrase, which is like the secret password for your wallet.
  2. During the import process, you'll come across an option named 'Advanced creation options'. In this option, select "Edwards".

Once you've done this, your old wallet will be accessible on You can then transfer the tokens from your old wallet to your new one.

What is a private key? Where can I find my private key?

A private key, in the context of cryptocurrency, is like a special password that allows you to access and manage your digital assets. This key is used to authorize every transaction you make on the blockchain, confirming that it's really you who is making the move.

Your wallet's private key can be translated into a more human-friendly format known as a 'recovery phrase'. This recovery phrase is a sequence of 12 secret words. It functions as a more memorable version of your private key that you can use to regain access to your wallet if you lose your device or forget your password.

Here's how you can find your recovery phrase in the Nodle app:

  1. Open the Nodle app.
  2. Go to the 'Settings' option.
  3. Look for 'Wallet settings' and click on it.
  4. Find the 'Recovery phrase' option.

Remember, it's crucial to write these 12 words down on paper and keep them somewhere safe and secure. It's the only way you can access your digital assets in the event that you lose access to your wallet. Don't share these words with anyone, as anyone who knows them could access your assets.

How do I transfer my Nodle wallet to a different device?

If you need to move your Nodle wallet to a new device, it's quite simple. Think of it as moving your physical wallet from one bag to another. Here's how you do it:

  1. Create a backup of your wallet on your current device: Open the Nodle app, tap on 'Settings', then 'Wallet Settings', and finally on 'Recovery phrase'. This will reveal your unique recovery phrase. It's a secret code made up of 12 words, like a super-secure password.

  2. Write down your recovery phrase: It's crucial that you write down these 12 words and keep them somewhere safe. This recovery phrase is the key to your wallet and the tokens it holds.

  3. Install the Nodle app on your new device: You can download it from your device's app store.

  4. Import your wallet to the new device: When setting up the Nodle app on your new device, use your 12-word recovery phrase to import your existing wallet. It's like telling the new app where your wallet is and proving that it's yours.

And that's it! Your Nodle wallet is now transferred to your new device. Remember to keep your 12-word recovery phrase safe at all times - it's the key to your Nodle wallet.

How do I send my NODL tokens to a different Nodle wallet?

Sending Nodle Cash from one wallet to another is just like sending a digital payment or transferring money between bank accounts. Here's how you do it in a few easy steps:

  1. Get the recipient's public key: Think of the public key as the recipient's Nodle wallet address. It's similar to an email address you need to send an email.

  2. Go to the Nodle app and tap 'Send': You can find the 'Send' button on the wallet tab.

  3. Enter the recipient's public key and follow the prompts: The app will guide you through the process. It's just like filling in a form for an online payment.

  4. Keep an eye on the transaction fee: Just like when you send a package, there's a fee for sending Nodle Cash. This is charged by the Polkadot blockchain, which is like the postal service for your Nodle Cash transfer. The app will show you how much the fee is before you confirm the transfer.

  5. Confirm the transaction: Once you're happy with everything, confirm the transfer. The Nodle Cash will be sent off to the recipient's wallet.

  6. Check your transaction in the 'Transfers' list: After you've sent your Nodle Cash, you can see the transaction in the 'Transfers' list below your balance in the app. It's like getting a receipt for your transfer.

Remember, just like with any transaction, it's important to double-check all the details before confirming.

What happens if I lose my recovery phrase? Can I still get back my wallet?

Your recovery phrase is like the password to your Nodle wallet. It's the only way you can restore your wallet if you change devices or if something goes wrong. Just like a real key, if you lose it, you won't be able to unlock your wallet.

Here's the important part: nobody else has a copy of your recovery phrase, not even us at Nodle. That means if you lose your recovery phrase, unfortunately, there's no way to recover your wallet. It's really important to keep your recovery phrase safe and secure.

If you haven't already written down your recovery phrase, go to the Nodle app, tap Settings > Wallet Settings > Recovery Phrase. Write down the 12-word phrase and keep it in a secure place.

Can I use the same Nodle wallet on multiple devices?

Although it's technically possible to use the same Nodle wallet across different devices, we advise against it. Instead, we recommend setting up a unique account for each device.

Why? Because it makes tracking your earnings much simpler. You can check your network contribution metrics, which influence your rewards, in the stats. If you use the same Nodle wallet on multiple devices, then the data shown in stats will be aggrerated, so there won't be possible to analyze the performance of each individual device, and, therefore, you won't know what to change to optimize your earnings.