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Create an Account on Web Browser


Please note that in-browser account creation and storage is NOT secure, and it is done at your own risk. If you’re looking for safer and longer term wallets, then we recommend creating your accounts on browser extensions such as Polkadot JS, Ledger, Talisman or on the Nodle App.

To create an account on the web browser, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to

Select Nodle Mainnet.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Under the account options section, turn on in-browser account creation and storage.

Note: This must be done prior to creating an account.

In-broswer acc settings

In-broswer acc settings

Save your changes.

Step 3: Navigate to Accounts


Step 4: Create a new account

Add a new account by clicking on the + button. A pop-window appears.

The system displays a mnemonic seed, by default, as shown in the figure here. If required, you can also store the seeds in the “raw” format by selecting the Raw seed option from the Mnemonic drop-down menu. Store the seed safely and confirm the same by selecting the check box at the bottom.

Note: Select Advanced creation options only if you need to use alternative cryptographic curves for managing your wallet keys. For example, if you are importing your old Nodle App wallet, then you may need to use crypto keys.

Create Account

Click Next.

Step 5: Provide account details

Give your account a unique name. Then, enter a strong password.

Note: You must use a lengthy and randomly generated password. We recommend you use a password generator. Manual entry of passwords do not work.


Click Next.

Step 6: Save your account

On clicking Save, a copy of your mnemonic seed is downloaded to your system automatically.

Important: Save this file in a safe location. This is crucial when restoring or recovering your wallets.

Create Account